Bob and Ivey are rarely short for words and will speak to any audience seeking to hear their wisdom.  This spring they ventured to Ivey’s alma mater to speak to a student-run investment group.  A class that Ivey took while at Appalachian State and Bob happened to speak to her class 10 years ago, prompting his pursuit in a graduate degree.  Looking back on Bob’s now 25-year career in the investment business, it is wild to see how the industry has changed and what will be required of these students.

Our team deeply enjoys connecting with young investors and educating our community on the importance of investing.  This summer, Ivey and Bob traveled to Clemmons to speak with the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce during their Business Bootcamp.

We work with clients to break down barriers and confusion to create a sense of clarity and space where a positive “action-focused” mindset can live.  Ivey and Bob discussed financial habits, the tools, the resources and the landmarks they could work towards in their own financial training plan.

Ivey and Bob encouraged the chamber members to work to begin to develop a “financial training plan” today by setting healthy goals and putting habitual behaviors in place to reach their financial goals.  It doesn’t have to be complex, it just takes consistently putting in the work.


Author: Ivey Gaskin Baker, CFP (R)