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Meet Our Team

Gaskin Asset Management, LLC is a boutique, family-owned investment management and consulting business extending over two generations. Our team is comprised of seven professionals with a variety of educational backgrounds, professional designations and licenses.

Through our relationship with Raymond James, we provide our clients with access to the resources, support and oversight of one of the nation’s largest investment management firms, Raymond James, while also maintaining the autonomy to provide unbiased guidance and independent investment management.


Stewardship is our fundamental guiding principle. It is at the very core of who we strive to be in our relationships with family, friends, neighbors, associates, our community and especially, our clients. Stewardship comes in many forms and has been modeled for us in variety of ways. Yet none was quite as foundational as what we witnessed in our father.

Dad grew up in the depression and just barely missed WWII. So when the Korean War heated up, he volunteered to fight earning the opportunity to fly F-84 Thunderjets. He was shot down once but survived the war and returned home to resume a civilian life with his young wife and growing family. Following in his parent’s footsteps, he attended medical school and after completing his residency, he returned to his small hometown to set up a family medical practice as a sole proprietor. He treated patients all day long and as the business owner, he managed the books, the personnel, met with drug reps and ordered supplies. This was before the days of hospital-owned medical practices, “hospitalists” and emergency room doctors. If a patient went to the emergency room at 3am, Dad would be called to the hospital. The home phone was a business line. In those days, patients routinely called the house during all hours of the day and night. He was never around for breakfast and dinner was usually late and brief before returning to the hospital to make rounds. Put simply, dad worked all of the time.

Stewardship wasn't something our father talked about—he modeled it daily in every aspect of his life.

Dad never became rich or famous but to the families he served, he made an indelible impression. As a family doctor who owned his own business, our father answered to no one but his patients. When a young mother came in to the office complaining of a severe headache, Dad would take the time to find out what was really going on. Maybe she was in an abusive relationship or maybe it was postpartum depression. He didn’t just give her an aspirin. He took the time necessary to serve her real needs. If her husband was the problem, well, Dad would call him in for an “appointment”. Dad was a problem-solver.


Dad knew that to whom much is given, much is expected. As an eyewitness to the devastation brought upon individuals and families by poor choices or bad luck, he sought desperately to provide aid and comfort. Dad also treated inmates at the local prison camp in our hometown. On occasion, he would bring some of the inmates to church on Sunday mornings. In his final years, Dad spent his summer vacations volunteering in medical clinics in eastern North Carolina, Chile and Romania. Whether it was making house calls late at night or accepting a bag of tomatoes as payment from a patient down on his luck, dad lived to serve others. He experienced the joy of placing a newborn child into the hands of her mother but also the tears of a new widow. He served his patients throughout every phase of life and death with no guarantees of the results in-between. Yet, his patients always knew that he would be with them, by their side, every step of the way. Stewardship wasn’t something our father talked about—he modeled it daily in every aspect of his life.

We cannot claim to be half the men our dad was. He set the bar so high. However, we can and do strive to live our lives as he did. That means serving God, country, community, family and our clients. Specifically, it means caring for and respecting our clients enough to always put their interests before our own. To us, that is what stewardship is all about. This is a high calling to which we sometimes fall short. Nevertheless, it is our guiding principle. It is the benchmark from which we will always measure success.





The basis of a fiduciary relationship and our guiding principle is stewardship. To us this means taking great care to consistently live up to the trust that has been placed in us by our clients. We endeavor to act in our clients’ best interest at all times. Further, we resolve to provide all information related to any investment recommendations in order to allow an informed decision process and to fully explain and disclose all fees and/or commissions associated with any recommended strategy.



We can neither predict the future nor guarantee results. However, we fully recognize that our clients engage us to achieve short-term financial objectives and long-term goals. We endeavor to clarify and quantify all financial objectives and goals before engagement and throughout our relationship with our clients. Achievement of these objectives and goals is the result we pursue.



We respect our clients. They have achieved varying levels of personal, educational, professional and financial success before seeking our assistance in their financial strategies. They have relationships with accountants, attorneys or other professionals. Respectfully, we actively collaborate with our clients and their other advisors to design, build and monitor financial strategies.



Effective communication is at the core of any relationship, personal or professional. We respond to our clients’ questions and concerns in a timely manner. Moreover, we believe an effective relationship with our clients requires a commitment to regular communication on a consistent basis.



The accuracy of an archer’s arrow is determined as much by follow through as by aim. Likewise, an investment strategy requires monitoring and adjustments over time to ensure that the target remains in focus and achievable. We diligently monitor our clients’ investment strategies with respect to their defined objectives and goals. We routinely meet with our clients in person and/or over the telephone to report progress and make updates and changes as necessary.