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Portfolio Management

To reach your destination, you must be willing to push away from port.

A solid, well-built ship with a seasoned crew and a trusted route would seem the obvious choice for someone who hopes to arrive safely at a distant port on schedule. And yet when it comes to investing, some investors set out with no plan or strategy while others rely on the passing advice of a friend, a trendy magazine article or the most recent opinion of a television commentator. Still others remain safely docked at port fearful of the open sea; a sure way of never reaching their destination.

We recognize and respect the challenges you face as you seek to reach investment goals while navigating today’s volatile markets and economic environment. It’s our belief that the overabundance of investment-related information available on the internet, in print and on television has likely made decision-making even more difficult rather than easier. Which investment vehicle is appropriate for you? What approach offers the best long-term strategy? And how are you to actually measure success?

Can you go it alone or would you rather have a partner by your side to help steer the ship?

At Gaskin Asset Management, we are intently focused on working with our clients to help them achieve measurable financial goals and objectives. Consequently, we are guided by goals-based performance measurement. Each investment portfolio is carefully designed, constructed and maintained with a specific end-goal in mind. While some might be focused on a short-term objective, others are set with a more distant timeframe. Our purpose is to serve our clients by helping them achieve their personal goals—whether they be short or long-term and however wide-ranging or specific.

To accommodate varying investment goals, time horizons and risk postures, we employ a range of investment portfolio approaches. Through Raymond James we have access to a wide variety of investment options and products such as independent third-party professionally managed portfolios, mutual funds, unit investment trusts (UIT) along with alternative investment strategies such as hedge funds and managed futures funds. Acting in a fiduciary capacity, we utilize these resources in varying combinations where appropriate to meet the unique needs and situation of each client.

At Gaskin Asset Management, our Investment Philosophy embraces both passive indexing and active asset management with the objective of utilizing the benefits of each while attempting to minimize their limitations. We believe that under the right circumstances, active and passive strategies can complement each other by moderating the volatility between the extremes of the different approaches.

Our portfolios are strategically allocated and tactically weighted primarily with securities that include, but are not limited to, exchange traded U.S. sector funds (ETFs), individual stocks, international ETFs and mutual funds, alternative ETFs and mutual funds, and fixed income (bond) mutual funds and ETFs. The overarching asset allocation plan for each Gaskin Investment Strategy (GIS) portfolio is founded upon specific risk and return expectations criteria and is implemented utilizing a “core-satellite” approach.

We believe careful thought and adequate time should be dedicated to the process of clarifying your goals and the strategy to reach them. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your financial goals and the strategies to achieve them.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of an exchange-traded product carefully before investing. A prospectus which contains this and other information about these funds can be obtained by contacting your financial advisors. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. All investing involves risk and can incur a profit or a loss.