On October 24th, Gaskin Asset Management hosted the first Good Taste with Cate event. Cate is beginning a speaker series bringing women together to discuss topics that present confusion and questions. She appreciates my transparency and approach to financial conversation and asked me to be her first speaker. We are both still floating after a successful evening. We turned the lights down, lit some candles and over cocktails we discussed all things money. The room was full and warm, the conversation was rich, the questions were flowing and the laughter was music to my ears. We took something that can be really tough to talk about and made it a welcoming and enjoyable experience. I spoke to a group of 25 women about confidence and why it is so important in our financial success. I affirmed what is frequently getting in the way and common beliefs that prevent our progress. I spoke to the importance of overcoming the fear in these “tough” conversations, the need to start healthy financial habits today, and that we are not invincible and must protect ourselves in the event of unwelcomed life events. Confidence was the goal and we believe many of our guests walked away feeling confident and empowered in their financial decision making. Women are a force to be reckoned with. We birth babies, run households, build businesses and nurture relationships. We talk about nearly everything under the sun, but we tend to steer clear of finance. What if we started having meaningful conversations with each other about money, supporting each other in our efforts to become more confident in our financial abilities? When we think about our finances, let us not let it depress us, rather present options, opportunity for improvement and ultimately, freedom. Educated clients, investors and women is my goal. One conversation at a time, we are doing it. I am so honored to have been given this opportunity to talk. I am so proud of Cate and what she is doing for this community. More to come, I am sure!

Author: Ivey G Baker, CFP®