“Perseverance is the most important skill to succeed. Being able to strive during difficult times in relentless pursuit of success. You must initially have the motivation to succeed. Especially, if not initially finding success, perseverance is essential for motivating an entrepreneur past their doubts and negative thoughts. Small businesses need a fearless leader. One willing to dive into the deep end of the pool. A leader who does not direct their employees but guides them and inspires them to become better.” – Arjun Nag, UNCC Student & Workshop Participant

With roughly four years to make a decision that will set the course for your future, college is such a pivotal moment in a young person’s life. The Gaskin Asset Management team spent five days in May with eight high performing college students in our first annual Finance and Entrepreneurship Student Workshop. Applicants from colleges across the Carolinas and beyond were asked to submit a professional resume and to complete an application including a personal statement. Our students were selected from Appalachian State, UNC Charlotte, University of South Carolina and Wake Forest. The theme of the week’s workshop was to explore the entrepreneurial spirit and to further develop skills necessary in business.

Understanding the importance of exposure, we wanted to share our wisdom and the wisdom of other professionals and business owners that we admire with young college students in our community.

The Gaskin brothers began their careers in the early 1990’s employed by a large brokerage firm. This year, Gaskin Asset Management will celebrate 12 years offering investment and planning services through an independent channel. The team made the decision to go independent, endeavoring to serve our individual investors and business owners the way that they needed to be served. This independence is what allowed us the ability to host these eight sharp students. Throughout the week, business owners shared with our students tough decisions made and risks that they chose to take to further their businesses or to more effectively serve their clients. We learned that these decisions often aligned with a passion for their business and a desire to stay true to their values.

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