On January 10th, 2019 the Gaskin Asset Management team celebrated with clients, friends, and family the opening of our new office space on Colony Road. We were blown away by the attendance and the comments of those who were able to join us. The food was tasty, drinks were cold, and the space was buzzing with conversations between old and new friends alike. Upon arrival, guests received raffle tickets to participate in our fun giveaway baskets, many of which were donations from our friendly Colony Road neighbors!

The open house was the perfect opportunity for Bob to temporarily live vicariously through his dream job as a child, a magician. Hayden Childress or “Haydini” joined us for the evening performing sleight of hand and close-up magic. His performance was both comical and jaw-dropping.

Guests received one on one tours of the office with Gaskin Asset Management team members while learning more about how we plan to use the space and the vision behind the floor plan design. Guests also spent time in our new private meeting room learning about Gaskin family history.

Click HERE to view a video on our Facebook page about our office and the design-build process.

Your continued commitment to our team is what made this vision a reality. We have big goals for how we plan to use this space, serving our clients daily and adding value throughout the year.   You will receive more information about our goals for the year in the weeks to come. If you were unable to attend this event, we certainly hope that you are able to visit the office to share in our joy very soon and that you will make plans to attend future events throughout the year.   We so look forward to serving you and your family in this space.

Thank you!