A good book is a looking glass into someone’s soul; raw, authentic and full of heart. Books packed full of stories and honest lessons are my most favorite; each one beautiful and unique.  I am roughly 75,000 words into writing my own book about confidence, vulnerability and a willingness to put in hard work to achieve greatness.  As an avid reader and writer, I am personally enriched by the stories, lessons and wisdom shared by colorful authors such as Jen Sincero author of You’re a Bad Ass at Making Money.

I feel that the more time I spend around published authors, the more inspired and focused I will become. I recently invited a group of professional women to attend Jen Sincero’s book reading at Park Road Books.   She spent some time defining the word “rich” and the nasty connotations associated with the word.  Rich to each of us has such different meanings, but a willingness to work hard for affluence can enable us as a society to build and create amazing things, give back to our communities, and can provide a comfortable life for our families.  “Money gives us options and freedom”.

She was making very little money well into her forties and needed something to get her going. Courtesy of a business coach, she began an online book proposal editing business.  She describes the perception that there was zero “excitement” in editing book proposals; however, she began making money almost instantly.  She found herself saying personal mantras, for example, “I live in an abundant universe and money flows to me freely”.  At her reading, Jen posed the question, “Would you rather be broke and cool or rich and cheesy?”  I have made it very clear to my husband that we are not going to fight to be cool, so I’ll take the latter.

Fear and excitement are different sides of the same coin and we ought to use fear to fuel us into the same direction of our goals. Business owners, entrepreneurs and young people beginning their careers understand this feeling well, “If you feel like you’re going to puke, you’re on to something.”

So much of our financial success is a mindset shift. As professionals and business owners we take on a lot of risk to invest in our future.  How do we perceive that investment? Are there negative connotations associated with debt and time spent building a career or is there gratitude for what it has given and will give us?  Focus on gratitude and life will give us more reasons to be grateful.

Jen Sincero is not affiliated with Raymond James.

Author and Photo: Ivey Gaskin Baker CFP®