In December of 2017, we discovered the new office space as we were evaluating our long-term office needs. Just as we carefully consider investment decisions which may impact your short and long-term financial plans, we believe it is of critical importance to take the time to carefully consider investment decisions that will impact our business, our employees and our ability to efficiently and effectively serve you. The choice of an office location, as well as the design and function of that space is a key decision in the life of a business. With that importance in mind, we spent nearly five months conducting our due diligence to determine that this space was a prudent investment and one worth pursuing at this time.  We ran an in-depth market analysis of similar commercial spaces, obtained quotes from four different builders for the interior “upfit” and conducted meetings with our own financial counselors (accountant, banker, real estate broker).  Given the rising cost of rental real estate and the anticipation of rising interest rates, we decided that the timing was right for this move.

What can you expect?

We often describe ourselves as design builders, creatively designing financial plans and then constructing investment strategies to serve the needs of the plan.  The new office space presented a unique “design-build” opportunity as it was undeveloped, allowing our team full creative license to design and build a space that will serve our clients for decades to come.  Environment impacts a client’s experience during discussions with our team as well as an employee’s productivity and happiness while at work.  It was important to us that the environment be functional today, tomorrow and in the future as we grow and evolve.  We incorporated a slightly modern layout and look while maintaining many traditional elements.

We were initially captivated by the natural light that pours into the space from the large east facing windows.  We designed the space to allow the natural light to travel as far as possible.  We sacrificed larger personal offices for more common space to meet and work with clients.  We increased the conference room by a few feet to allow for more comfortable large family planning meetings and educational workshops.   We added a private meeting room with a family “living room” feel that will be used for conversations and meetings that may not be appropriate in a large conference room.  For a fun and engaging element, we designed a casual seating area with a refreshments bar to meet with clients over coffee, lunch or after hours.  It will also serve as an additional area for clients to sit and relax before meeting with our team.  We will also have a larger and more functional workroom and storage room, allowing us to maintain a more work friendly environment within our individual offices, helping us stay focused on serving our clients.

Best of all – our new office is located within easy walking distance of a nice shopping area – Colony Place – which offers the convenience of restaurants, groceries and other shopping. This will provide you with an opportunity to stop for lunch while visiting our office or maybe pick up an item or two from Harris Teeter or Walgreens on the way home. Located in the midst of a residential area off Colony Road, we believe you will find the new location much easier to access and depart.

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